Monday, 24 June 2013

Mini Mondays!

Okay, I know I said in my original Mini Mondays/Module Mondays post that I'd be alternating Mini Mondays (odd days) with Module Mondays (even days). However, our at-long-last-we-are-going-to-actually-PLAY! group didn't actually play Dungeons & Dragons this weekend. Instead... we played Dungeon! a dungeon-crawling board game put out by Dungeons & Dragons. Close enough... especially since we got more than enough plurality in the Daiquiris half of our Dungeons & Daiquiris Saturday evening...
So without further ado, Mini Monday! (I'm odd - close enough?).

While last week I posted a review of the Pathfinder Battles Builder Series: We Be Goblins, today I'll be focusing on something completely different: Paper Minis!

In particular, a spectacular freebie, sure to add lots of flavour to many a campaign, especially any of the number of Pathfinder adventures set in gypsy-inspired Varisia.

Imperfect Wagons: Gypsy Wagons by D. Caraley (AKA Dryw the Harper), from the Cardboard Warriors forum.

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