Monday, 17 June 2013

Mini Mondays! We Be Goblins!

The deranged alchemist Mogmurch.
He stands 20mm to the eyes.
A new blog, a new feature! I'll be alternating Mini Mondays (odd days) with Module Mondays (even days), highlighting and reviewing whenever possible the best I've seen / read / purchased. To kick things off, I will be including an edited version of the review I posted to of the Pathfinder Battles Builder Series: We Be Goblins.

Pathfinder Battles—Builder Series: We Be Goblins

Available now at here at Paizo's website, or at your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) in single packs (MSRP $2.99) or 24-pack Display Cases (MSRP $59.76). Canadian, international, and even different store prices may vary. My FLGSs had single packs priced at $2.79CAD and $3.95CAD, respectively.


FANTASTIC! exceptional detail & finishing, fabulous fun ;D

Monday, 11:38 PM

Impossible to resist if you are any fan of goblins at all, I imagine many visiting have had these on their wish list since the day they were announced. Let me say, these minis in no way disappoint (how could they? They Be Goblins!). The sculpts are full of personality and exceptional detail, and the paint jobs are fantastic. There is a great balance of matte and shiny surfaces (appropriately assigned), nice metallic work on the weapons, no painting outside the lines that I can find (over the 6 minis I've gotten so far), and there is a nice wash so that the depths are brought out. [One difference to the photos shown at is that I have a blue lizard mount for my Goblin Warchief, instead of the plain brown pictured. His back half (lower torso, back legs, and tail) and his forearms (lower front legs) are all denim blue, with the rest black-speckled brown. It looks great, but again, is different from what is pictured.]

As to randomization in the case, I've been lucky, with the Goblin Warchief in my first package*, and no duplicates in the further 5 I purchased at another store. I've another two that I'm leaving in the package until I just can't resist any longer ;)

The Goblins arrived just in time for their second module outing - another home run for Paizo (& smart marketing). While I was playing in a We Be Goblins Too! game at my FLGS on Free RPG Day, a guy from another table (who'd bought out most of the case) shared his duplicates so that we all might play with our actual character's minis. It certainly enhanced the experience! The cherry on triple-fudge sundae, to be sure :D

I would also like to add just how much I like the Pathfinder Battles Builder Series as a whole, and why it is such a great idea in so many ways:
#1 Goblins! Epic Win!
#2 Allows you to play Iconic monsters ;)

General benefits to the series as a whole:
#3 allows you to populate larger creature encounters, adding as few or as many as you like
#4 that little bit of surprise, the happy kind, while still knowing that you are sure to get a goblin (or undead, in the upcoming set), instead of some more random monster or NPC.
#5) a token something to pick up at your FLGS every time you pop in, at low price-point (good for the buyer, the store, and Paizo/WizKids - win/win/win!)


*That happy discovery redeemed WizKids for me, as I was very disappointed with my lot in the Shattered Star booster I'd bought as my first ever mini purchase. I'll add that review in when I have more time.

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