Sunday, 30 June 2013

A busy week! Happy Summer!

Well, it's been a VERY busy week. The first full week of summer means both gnomelets are underfoot more often, and both eager to do some papercrafting. Well, for Mama to do the papercrafting for them. Two treasure chests, one made for the elder gnomelet's friend's birthday card, the other (reinforced) for the littler gnomelet sufficiently to hold some gigantic jewels (more on that another day). After an intensive internet search, they settled on my next project for them - Cubeecraft's Luigi and Mario (elder & younger gnomelet, respectively).
I think next year I'll have to dress them up and take them to the con I visited Saturday - Animaritime. My first-ever convention, and somewhat unplanned. Unplanned on my part, because being neither an anime or manga aficionado it wasn't on my to-do list until I learned a few days ago that there would be Pathfinder played there. Well, how could I pass up the chance to play again? Our home game didn't get  off the ground yet again, turning into Dungeon! and Margaritas instead of Dungeons & Daiquiris last  weekend. And can you believe it, I didn't realize my mistake on the drinks until my friend J pointed it out to me days later. So you can see how often I drink...
Anyway, back to the convention. Aside from enjoying the sight of people en-costumed in their favourite characters (all-but-unknown to me!), peeking in a couple of panels, and window-shopping the vendors and artists, I was hard-core gaming. From 9am to 1pm I was in my first-ever Pathfinder Society game, and my second-ever took up the hours between 7pm and 11pm. I also got in a two-hour play-&-learn session of Munchkin, but hanging out with my own Munchkins for supper was more fun even if it was mundane. Mission Impossible flavour doesn't quite float my boat, and the hot muggy weather made the geek sweat more claustrophobic in the too-small, too-packed room. I'll be happy to pick it up and play it again sometime, but will stick with dungeon flavours - especially if it's the upcoming Pathfinder one!
I'll update with the Pathfinder game information later on... (I had a blast!)

WackyAnne, AKA Dungeon Mama

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