Monday, 17 June 2013

Mini Mondays! Module Mondays! We Be Goblins!!!

A new blog, a new feature! I'll be alternating Mini Mondays (odd days) with Module Mondays (even days), highlighting and reviewing whenever possible the best I've seen/read/purchased. Our gaming group has yet to get off the ground, so my one-&-only contemporary tabletop experience was this weekend's Free RPG Day. Therefore, my module experience is limited ;)
To kick things off, I will be including edited versions of reviews I posted to of this year's Pathfinder Free RPG Module, We Be Goblins Too! and of the Pathfinder Battles Builder Series: We Be Goblins. The module I'll be reviewing from the player's perspective, and a newbie player at that. Once I've had a chance to read it over in more detail, and hopefully run it for my gaming group, I'll review it from the GM's perspective. Keep a look out!

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