Saturday, 15 June 2013

Happy Free RPG Day 2013!

Happy Free RPG Day 2013 to all you gamers, geeks, wannabes, and especially the DMs/GMs/Storytellers that put up with us. And thanks to the great Friendly Local Gaming (&/or Comic) Stores, fantastic publishers, and the friendly organizers of FRPGD who put theirs heads together and put on a such a wonderful event on for us today!

My biggest thanks to Strange Adventures and GameZilla here in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, and some very special people: Josh Smith (local PFS guy, allied with Strange Adventures, who let me know what was going on today), Lee Dunn (organizer of the games at GameZilla who hooked me up with my very first modern game!), and the other staff at both stores whose names I will learn & remember soon, I promise ;D
And last, but certainly not least Ellie, Phil, Amanda, and most especially Kyle, who took me through my first ever game of Pathfinder (We Be Goblins, Too!) and put up with my many questions and much enthusiasm with patience and helpfulness. And Kyle, you've some amazing voices in you! Loved every  minute of it, and so glad I was able to join in.

Now that I've actually played my first tabletop RPG in over twenty years (my older brother figure Andrew lead me through the original Ravenloft and another AD&D module back when I was a tween), I can now pour out all that I've been poring over the last six months. Myself, my husband, and two very good friends of ours were playing a boardgame New Years Eve, and shared a mutual desire of getting into D&D. For one reason or another, we've not suceeded in getting together yet, but I feel our luck a-turning. Joe's been able to run some intro to 4E with his kids, in prep for leading us grownups through, and I've been learning Pathfinder (more fluff than crunch so far) so we can trade off GMing duties and try a couple of flavours of RPG.

Look for my upcoming reviews of the fun Kids' RPGs I've tracked down so that we might share our interests with our little ones, plus fantastic freebies I've found in my hunt for knowledge ;)


Anne, AKA Dungeon Mama, AKA Mogmurch today ;D

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