Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Dungeon a Dungeon Denied?

My apologies to all my readers (who I'm sure number in the handful, if not two, by now) for not posting over this last week, but summer vacation rarely means vacation for mamas. I've a couple of small stories to share nonetheless.

First off, I'd like to thank the FrugalGM for having such a fun contest to celebrate the work of one of my favourite artists, Billiam Babble of Inked Adventures. I was inspired to finally use the Inked Adventures sets and odds&ends I'd picked up from RPGNow over the last few months, and free-form design a dungeon for Canada's birthday. While this dungeon has yet to be played in (hence today's title), it's ready to go at a moment's notice.

I had a lot of fun designing the Dominion Day Dungeon, using elements from a couple of free sets, the full Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections Basic Pack, and encounter sets such as Evil Summonings (charity IRL, no mercy IG). I also broke down and gave in to a long-standing temptation, picking up all four of Inked Adventures' Encounters, which include not only specialized tiles, but paper minis for the adversaries. I only needed the encounter tile from  Encounter Lairs# 3 Forest Ambush for this particular set-up, but I'm sure I'll be able to make use of all of them sooner rather than later.
Another enjoyable aspect, aside from the amazing hand-drawn art appeal, was the simplicity of cutting out tiles to lay out as I please (with no scoring, folding, or glueing). That's a welcome relief from all the previous paper mini-making, kid's papercrafting, and even the 3D terrain in my future.

Gnome#1 will soon be ready to go through, playing a simplified Pathfinder ruleset. We went through most of the introductory solo adventure in the Pathfinder Beginner Box a week ago today. More later!

Dungeon Delayed = Dungeon Denied?