Monday, 24 June 2013

Dungeons & Daiquiris!

Well... Dungeon! & Daiquiris...

As I mentioned in my intro post, myself, my husband, and a couple of very close friends have been talking about (and somewhat preparing for) playing Dungeons & Dragons since New Year's. Well, summer has now officially arrived, and in the hopes of enjoying some deck time and the short Canadian summer, I had the inspired idea to host Dungeons & Daiquiris night.

We had had an evening or two a couple of months ago where we'd done a little work towards character generation: one night in January or February where the germ of our characters (name, race, class, perchance the ghost of a backstory) was hatched, and another in late April/early May at J&S' place where we compared the D&D 4E Red Box I'd picked up for them against the Pathfinder Beginner Box J (our DM-to-be)

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