Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Minis for Monday! (slightly late)

Hello Everyone!

I've learned a valuable, yet painful, lesson today. I had an older post open to update it with some links, my computer hung up (a memory leak somewhere, it seems), and the post was wiped. As it was my Dungeon for Dominion Day, a prize-winner, and my most detailed (and visited) post, I couldn't leave it at that. There was some hope, in that the initial image and opening paragraph still lingered in the editor when the browser was re-opened. It's taken me hours to restore the post, and add back in the valid links, etc. Fortunately the comments were still linked...

The reason I was fiddling with the old post in the first place was because I've recently been chatting with Mr. Billiam Babble, of Inked Adventures fame, and he suggested I share the minis I made from his knight-for-scale doodle in his Large Dungeon Entrance. These knights will be marching off to join the Cardboard Warriors as soon as this is posted.

I reworked the whole page earlier today, to put in a proper copyright notice; they were, until today, for my eyes only save for a glimpse in the photo below. Please note, the artwork is under copyright by Billiam Babble, but my understanding is that my adaptation may be shared with the notice intact. For free, that should go with out saying. However, I heartily encourage you to purchase some of Inked Adventures' most excellent dungeon tiles and terrain. Not only will it show your appreciation of his work, it affords you the very best way to make your knight feel at home. ;)

Brave Montresor against four Dead Demi-Human Knights (or Halfling Shadow Knights, if you prefer) in the Dungeons of the Demented Demi-Human! adventure for Dominion Day.

These are not quite in the One Monk/Cardboard Warriors style for three reasons.
One: this is simply mirrored art rather than full-front and back (YOU try doodling a back to match!). Two: rather than fold on the base tab, you fold down from the top of the mini.
Three: no black border used as a cutting guide. You trim as near as you can, or leave rectangular

Why this way? Well, this was a very early experiment of mine, before I knew about GIMP or had access to my Photoshop. This is just about the simplest way to make a mini:

1) take a cropped screenshot of a suitable image
2) duplicate it
3) flip the duplicate upside down
4) flip the duplicate left-right (mirror-image)
5) open up a text-editor, drop in upright
6) copy across as many times as you want, hit enter
7) drop in upside-down/mirror-image
8) copy across the same number of times, lining it up
9) in between each set of feet, insert two lines of type with the artist/mini info
10) underline the right-side up text, to provide a cut or fold line

That's it, save for some minor tweaking of tab sizes, lining-up, and page formatting. All it took on my Mac were the screenshot function, Preview to flip the image, and TextEdit. The screenshot image loses some resolution from the original, but it's still acceptable.

In this case, to fit the page, the knights come out to about 23mm scale. Given that One Monk's scale is closer to 32 mm, and comparing with my small-sized Pathfinder minis, the resulting knights are just about perfect halfling size. Now, you could certainly enlarge these on printing, though you will have to change your top and bottom margins to compensate. It would be easier for those using A4 instead of US Letter.

Here you can see them roughly cut and folded. Next, you would glue the wrong sides together. You may glue the tabs together if paper-basing One Monk style or with a plastic slotted base. Or you could leave the tabs unglued to use the Reivaj or Kev's Lounge styles of paper-base. Inked Adventures' free bases work best with the latter styles. After the glue has set, you can trim around the figure, or leave as is.

Well, I hope you have some fun with these. To see what I used them for, check out my Dungeons of the Demented Demi-Human! adventure for Dominion Day.

The good news is, that I have perhaps inspired the Brilliant Mr. Babble to draw up some actual adventuresome paper minis!

- WackyAnne, AKA Dungeon Mama

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