Sunday, 3 November 2013

Extended corn rows for Corn-flagration of Dooooom!

As previously promised, One Monk's Corn Rows modded to 10" lengths, to save work when crafting the corn maze. Four printed copies are necessary for the cornmaze I've designed, at the largest size they will print off (either US Letter or A4). The cornmaze requires 78-79 linear inches, and if you can print each sheet at 10" long you'll just be able to do it. Actual photos of the build should follow tomorrow...

The illustration is (C) 2008 by Jim Hartman (One Monk), and modded with permission 2013 by Anne Thornton (WackyAnne AKA DungeonMama). For personal use only. Please visit and the Cardboard Warriors forum for more on the art and hobby of gaming papercraft.

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