Monday, 21 October 2013

Picnic Adventures! Pumpkin Patch Map-Tile

The first official release from Picnic Adventures! For my readers, and especially my friends at the Cardboard Warriors Forum! It will be joining the second part of the Forum Hoard of free minis and models in paper...

A pumpkin patch/garden plot/wheat field/corn field tile for your enjoyment, using the grass and dirt textures from One Monk's bases page (all credit to the mighty Jim Hartman, and thanks to Eric "Squirmydad" Brown for keeping the dream alive!). This ensures that they will work perfectly with One Monk's Halloween Harvest Prop set (download zip file here). The map or terrain tile is designed as 7" x 7", 300 pixels per inch. You'll likely have to test it out on your printer for the most accurate scaling.
Picnic Adventures! Pumpkin Patch Preview (Plain)
Picnic Adventures! Pumpkin Patch Map-Tile (image or pdf)

Why 7" x 7", rather than 6" x 6" or 8" x 8"? Well, this way you can slice off one or more of the grass margins and have a battlemap spanning multiple tiles, yet still have a usuable stand-alone tile. Four tiles will yield a 12" x 12" field, six tiles a 12" x 17" field, nine tiles a 17" x 17" field - and unless you plan on leaving the fields fallow, you'd better stop there  ;)

Since the One Monk crops are 3" long, one page of wheatfield or pumpkins will yield 24 linear inches or 120 linear feet of crops, one page of corn-rows will yield 12 linear inches or 60 linear feet of crops. A single tile can accommodate four (in-line) or five (off-set) rows of crops per page, so plan & print accordingly. 

You can use One Monk's bases that are included in his set; they'll match just about perfectly if you want to place or glue them down onto the tile (see how well they'll blend below). Alternatively, you can glue the tile(s) down onto foamcore board (preferably black), and cut slots to accommodate the crops' tabs, like Okumarts bases his minis. You can also crop (tee hee) the tabs somewhat, so you don't have to slice the whole length into the tile/foamcore.

Picnic Adventures! Pumpkin Patch Preview with Props ;)
Preview showing compatibility with One Monk's free Halloween Harvest Prop set (download zip file here)

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