Monday, 26 August 2013

Picnic Adventures!

What kids ever met up in a tavern? Nope, our bold adventurers begin their heroic journey one simple, sunny summer day, enjoying the fresh air and a delicious picnic. But what is a picnic without ants?

Here's what I've been up to all summer. Well, lots of picnics, certainly, with my two boys lil' G (age 7) and lil' L (age 3). And trying to get a game of Pathfinder going with my husband and our friends while having to satisfy my fix diving into this wonderful hobby of papercraft for gaming. The closest I've come this true adventuring has been A Pathfinder Picnic in the Park with lil' G, GMing him as he went through the solo adventure in the Pathfinder Beginner Box, The Skeleton King's Crypt, with help from a couple of paper minis.

The combination of my favourite pastimes inspired me to start designing a kid's game which may one day see the light of day. The pictures below show a glimpse into a couple of adventures I've got planned. The ant is Reivaj's Ant Warriors Standard Bearer, shrunk to 67% and de-weaponized so that he doesn't present a threat to Dryw the Harper's excellent adventurers [Imperfect Child Adventurers]. The background is from The Hobbit Companion book, the ground from a Japanese papercraft site modded in Gimp, the greenery from Oversoul Games (whose Dungeon Plungin' I have yet to read the rules for), and the Picnic Mimic, blanket, and log are all mine. The log, in fact, I've already shared in a previous post, and was my first paper mini, made on the fly for that first photo.

[My submission to the Diorama category for this year's Papercut Awards over at the Cardboard Warriors forum]

Supplemental to the entry, a couple of fun details as I play around with Dryw's amazing little adventurers...

I'd not originally planned to include this and my other entry into the Papercuts 2013 contest, but if I don't now, I never will get them done ;D I hope it at least brings a smile to your face, if not admiration for my skill!

Sadly, only camera working is my iPhone, and neither of my printers nor my scanner were in the necessary full working order to assist, so things are a little rough.

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