Monday, 26 August 2013

Picnic Adventures! Picnic Mimic!

What kids ever met up in a tavern? Nope, our bold adventurers begin their heroic journey one simple, sunny summer day, enjoying the fresh air and a delicious picnic. But what is a picnic without ants?

Here is adversary number two for our bold Picnic Adventurers (the first ANTagonist was diplomatically turned into an ally): a baby mimic at play!

The picnic basket is all one piece, folded, and has the following options built-in: food, blanket, mimics (2), and lid to keep it all in!  Dryw the Harper's female cleric from his Imperfect Child Adventurers set is included for scale, and your defense!

[My submission to the Single Figure category for this year's Papercut Awards over at the Cardboard Warriors forum]

I'd not originally planned to include this and my other entry into the Papercuts 2013 contest, but if I don't now, I never will get them done ;D I hope it at least brings a smile to your face, if not admiration for my skill!

Sadly, only camera working is my iPhone, and neither of my printers nor my scanner were in the necessary full working order to assist, so things are a little rough. My mini, therefore, is the original, prior to being scanned and printed. My photo-scan needed too much digital manipulation to restore true colours to make it worth my while for the contest submission.

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