Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Happy Dominion Day! Another year, another beginning...

Happy Canada Day! or Happy Dominion Day! for the oldschoolers ;)

A first anniversary past, and nearly half-a-year missed. Boot to the head!*

Topics I want to tackle in the coming weeks and months:

Baba Yaga & her Dancing Hut (ongoing project)

Picnic Adventures (my top gaming priority, on the back burner for too long)
- Fluff: setting, story, accessories (minis, maps, tiles, terrain), iconics, adventure, illustrations
- Crunch: character building (& pregens), resolution mechanic (dice), etc.

Song of Blades and Heroes, Song of Fur and Buttons - my first venture into wargaming, about to begin

RPGs for Kids, overviews, reviews, play-thrus


Inked Adventures & Billiam Babble omniverse

Fantasy Inns & Taverns

The Beauty of Black & White

Fantasy Art inspirations

Best Books in Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Best Films in Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Kids' own RPGs and fantasy games...

"Boot to the head" is a reference to Canadian comic group Four-on-the-Floor... in this case refers to a hard-reboot of the blog. Once more ;)

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